Sunday, January 02, 2005

"Forget the Beginning"

I just got off the phone with CP in Chicago. He had a funny comment as we ended our conversation: “don’t worry about the beginning, it’ll be the first thing that listeners forget.” Although, the problems is that you still have to start somewhere.


Blogger Scott said...

In high school, I had the idea for a line in a movie script, well, more of a diologue segment.

The two debating figures warned each other of the impending future on the scale of thier lives,

When I write like this I don't give names I just use A, and B, (and C, D, etc, if need be.)


A, I must succeed at this work. I will not hasten my entrance into the realm of the great forgotten. The masses of people who donated nothing so great as to remembered.

B, But if you bear children and create a home they shall remember you.

A, But I have such greater stirrings than that which has been laid down before. I have great debts of gratitude for my ancestors whom without would I not also be without.

B, what then. . . ?

A, I have perhaps fell onto an ego that wishes to share more than that which my forebearers offered. I will not call it 'just that' from them, for it is greater than just that.

B, so you wish to create something so miraculous that the whole of the nation might keep it and share it. As great composers and authors have.

A, I have within me a heart, that, yes, would be held in grief to be told, that this life, this play of life would be better written with me edited out.

B, It would not be better without you edited out.


B, You are a signifigant creature. Be just yourself and you will be remembered and honoured. If you continue on this path you will be sure to have that which you are seeking. Lest the destiny unseen has already written you out of this great thing i which you seek.


My last offering [Also written by me just after high school]-

'Two cats are walking down the street, One says to the other, 'One of us will die tonight.'. The other cat looks at the first and says, 'I shall miss you'

Best wishes on your composition,


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